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Pianist, composer, arranger
Pianist, composer, arranger
foto Sandor Torres

pianist, composer arranger

Cuban pianist who stands out for having compositions where he recovers the traditional genres of Cuban music combined with a more contemporary language, jazz, classical music, flamenco and African roots influential for several centuries in the culture of his country. His music is full of energy and spirituality. In 2015 he was a finalist in the Mauricio Ravel Composition Competition in Bergamo, Italy. In 2020 he participated in the VII International Latin Jazz Festival that was held in Moscow. He currently works with his group Sandor's Trio, collaborates with other artists and also composes music for contemporary and theatrical shows.

Sandor Torres Monteagudo

Concert at the Jam Club - 13.01.2021

Concert at the Jam Club - 21.01.2021

Concert at Igor Butman Club - 03.02.2021

Concert in Minsk, Belarus - 14.02.2021

Sandor Torres, who has managed to win the hearts of many people, will perform with his trio on December 1 at the Igor Butman Club. A unique concert that will have as a special guests a great Cuban voice with a wonderful timbre, Mr. Willie Key, participant of "Voice 5" (Russia - 2017) and Mrs. Alena Shulgina, phenomenal flamenco dancer (Director of the Festival La Noche Flamenca). Sandor's Trio continues its new concert season by collaborating with various guest artists who enjoy high prestige and popularity inside and outside Russia. Season that is marked by premieres, as well as classical pieces of Latin jazz and others from the trio's repertoire.


This is a project of the Cuban pianist and composer Sandor Torres, who has already managed to gain public recognition in Cuba and Mexico and is now working in Russia. Listen to our album.



In recent times, Sandor Torres is preparing various projects, including the ART-MUN PROJECT, a project that will attract the participation of artists from all over the world.


Sandor Torres' foray and dedication for many years in dance music and ballet made possible his dream of creating an online store in which dancers, choreographers and teachers continue to enjoy his art for dance and ballet. He has also covered much more in his music, even composing relaxation music (SPA Music); Thus, its high-end store includes music for dance classes and spa music. You will find an original and unique product that inspire dancers and others who listen to it. Welcome friend! Join us today. The opportunity is now. Don't wait later. Fill in the following form and subscribe now.



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