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Illustrious musicians who, consummated by good art,

transmit a unique sensation with a deep feeling and a special glamor.

When you hear them play together, you can remember and feel again

every magical detail of life and many emotions.

Sandor`s Trio is a project of the Cuban pianist and composer Sandor Torres, who has already managed to gain public recognition in Cuba and Mexico and is now working in Russia. Sandor is known in Moscow in the past as a member of the Habana Caliente group. The Sandor´s Trio stands out with the original compositions of its director Sandor Torres, where he brings together different styles and genres and interprets the legendary themes of jazz, Cuban music, cover art and others.

Thanks to his talent as a composer, pianist and accompanist, Sandor managed to dance flamenco and jazz differently for the audience, combining Afro-Cuban roots and creating a unique style. This is a look at flamenco from the point of view of Afro-Cuban music in a variety of jazz arrangements. After all, it was Afro-Cuban music that, due to historical events, had a huge impact on flamenco. The uniqueness of the show also lies in the fact that throughout the concert there is interactive, communication with the public. Musicians interact not only among themselves, but also with the audience, creating a single cozy space. In 2019, Sandor´s Trio participated in the festivals Alter-Ego and (modern tango), La Noche Flamenca Plus.

Sandor Torres: was born in Cuba. Pianist, composer and arranger graduated from the National School of Music in Havana, Cuba. He has been awarded in various competitions inside and outside his country. In 2015 he was a finalist of the Ravel musical composition contest in several categories. Sandor, for several years in Cuba has worked in Cuban orchestras, ballet and dance schools and other dance companies. He has also collaborated with various theater companies. Since 2014 he moved to Russia, where he worked at the "Old Havana Restaurant". Later he founded his trio and since then he has worked in different settings and with several artists: the club “Art Cafe Durov” with flamenco dancer Elena Shulgina; to "Igor Butman Club" with Anna Volkova (singer), Tono Alcalde (Spanish guitarist and vocalist) and Pavel Skornyakov (saxophonist), "Academic Club" and "Andrei Makarevich" Club.

He also took part in his trio at the Alena Shulgin flamenco festival, Viva España festival, Alter Ego and Jam Session tango festival at the Andrei Makarevich and Ever Jazz Club, Yekaterinburg with Tono Alcalde.


Norlan Maturell Rodriguez: Professional percussionist born in Cuba. A graduate of the Raphael Samavilla Cultural Self-Improvement Center of Matanzas Province. He participated in various events, concerts and tours throughout the country, as well as international festivals.

In 2014, he came to Moscow as part of the Havana Caliente group and worked at the Old Havana restaurant in Moscow.

After the contract, he worked as an independent musician with the Oleg Butman Trio in jazz clubs and concert halls in Moscow. In particular, at the Moscow House of Music at a concert dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Oleg Butman together with famous New York and Russian musicians: Randy Brecker, Igor Butman, León Foster Thomas, Evgeny Pobozhiy, Vladimir Minin, Timofey Golberg and Leonid Agutin.


Sergey Kondratiev is a sought-after Russian musician, double bass player, bass player and composer. Lives and works in Moscow. Growing up gradually as a performer, Sergey also changed as a composer - from original lyrical songs to improvisational and composer music of a new wave, post-bop, "new jazz", "third movement". In May 2016, the ArtBeat Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Music and the BAZZDAY international festival was named among the thirty best Russian bass players. Sergey is actively involved in many jazz and pop projects as a sideman: these are completely different genres and formats groups that realize themselves both in constant concert activity and in painstaking studio work. At various times, collaborated (or is collaborating to this day) with the following groups and performers: Alex Sokolkin's fusion quintet, Vykhod group, Golos show project, Era Kann, Giampaolo Laurentaci (Spain), Kompaniets Brothers, Helen Russ, "Madre Victoria", "Boozemen Acoustic Jam", the country band "Priisk", singer Maxim, Pavel Plamenev, LIL KATE, the group "High", Yasmani Angulo Silva (Cuba), the Theater on Serpukhovka and many others.


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"Time for Three": the new proposal from Sandor's Trio that includes its most recent musical compositions, where it maintains its own distinctive stamp and adds new sounds and combinations with other musical genres. Time for Three, is also one of the new music of the composer, pianist and director Sandor Torres, and the result of a long musical investigation; in which it combines more deeply styles of Afro-Cuban music and flamenco music. In addition, among the new titles are songs such as: Rojo y Blanco, Ekele Kua, Habitacion 31 and others.

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EventCatalog.ru — всё для организации мероприятий!
EventCatalog.ru — всё для организации мероприятий!